closing the loop on safety


CIRCA Solutions provides expert services, training employees and leaders alike in workplace emergency preparedness and response. Our staff are long serving professional emergency services personnel who have vast experience and operational credibility.

Hazard Assessment + Minimisation

Our staff are the people you call when there is an emergency. But why wait until then? Instead you can utilise our expertise to identify hazards, minimise risk, develop pre-incident plans and enhance the emergency response capability for your business.

Rescue Operations

We can provide a team to monitor any high-risk workplace procedure or task, and be ready to step in should anything go amiss. Our staff are qualified to calmly and efficiently deal with any emergency situation. 

Safety + Rescue Equipment

We are certified retailers of safety and rescue equipment, from all of Australia's biggest suppliers. Get in touch with your needs, and we can work our the best solution for your workplace.  

CIRCA Solutions is proudly partnered with, and certified by, the following associations