Why we care

CIRCA Solutions is dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of workers everywhere.
It's our goal and desire to see every worksite safe and secure, across a range of vital industries.
We are committed to every employee making it home safe to their loved ones each and every day.

We acknowledge there is dangerous work that needs to be completed,
but we are convinced there is no need for any employee to fear for their safety as they head to work.

Our Staff

Our staff are long serving professional emergency services personnel who have vast experience and operational credibility. Staff hold tertiary and industry recognised qualifications in their fields of operation. Most importantly, we are a team, who are together committed to closing the loop on safety.

Our Story

We have a long track record, having operated in the safety space for nearly two decades. We have delivered services to both government and private organisations across a broad range of industry sectors including; energy, construction, transport, health, manufacturing, primary industry, and waste management.

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