"Speak with CIRCA Solutions, they are the best in the business. I’ve used them for years. Good practical training, expert knowledge and advice and a wide range of consulting services for high risk industries. "
NSW Health & Safety Manager
Roberts Pizzarotti

Construction Site Services

Safety at Heights Training

Our training provides participants with an understanding of the dangers of working at heights, and provides clear and structured training to ensure workers remain safe when performing maintenance, repair work of any other type of work at heights.

Lead an ECO/Operate as ECO Member

Emergency Control Organisations are required in the unfortunate event of a workplace emergency. We provide courses that equip individuals to either safely join an ECO team, or lead the response to a situation as an ECO team leader.

Tower Crane and Jump Form Rescue Training

We offer vertical rescue training and consultancy on major construction and energy energy production sites including wind turbines and hydro-power sites. Our previous consultancy work in this area includes partnership with the Snowy Mountains Hydro Company and tier one construction companies across Australia.

Confined Spaces Training

We provide training for operating safely in confined spaces and cater for a broad range of situations. There are a number of levels of this course available, depending on whether breathing apparatus training is required.

Occupational First Aid Training

This course provides participants with clear training on how to respond to medical emergencies in the workplace, both illnesses and injuries. It covers all major health concerns, and explains clearly the best management strategies in high pressure situations. 

Electrical Awareness

This course is designed to equip individuals with the ability to identify electrical hazards, and work safely in environments where there are nearby sources of potentially dangerous electricity. The course is a efficient run-through of numerous dangerous situations, with instructions on careful electrical management.

Excavation and Trenching Awareness

This course is designed to train individuals on the dangers of excavation work. It teaches participants how to identify underground risks and how to safety excavate ground where there is a possibility of underground hazards. 

Scaffolding Awareness

This course is a comprehensive guide to scaffolding safety. It equips participants to understand and use correct procedure when erecting, inspecting, maintaining and using worksite scaffolding.

Formwork Awareness

This course trains participants to avoid hazards and risks involving formwork and/or falsework. The training will cover the dangers associated with formwork collapse, safely managing adjacent buildings and structures, assessing ground conditions, electricity awareness, dangers associated with mixing components, and other associated risks.

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