Workplace Health & Safety

" I have done my fair share of training over the years, and the level of expertise and professionalism that CIRCA provide is second to none."
WHS Manager
Hutchinson Builders

Confined Spaces Training

We provide training for operating safely in confined spaces and cater for a broad range of situations. There are a number of levels of this course available, depending on whether breathing apparatus training is required.

Manual Handling Training

We instruct participants on the skills and knowledge they need to safety move materials without any risk of injury. This training includes basic training in manual handling equipment including trolleys, manual forklift stackers and other basic lifting equipment. 

Occupational First Aid Training

This course provides participants with clear training on how to respond to medical emergencies in the workplace, both illnesses and injuries. It covers all major health concerns, and explains clearly the best management strategies in high pressure situations. 

Code Black

This course will train individuals to safely manage a situation where those in your employ are being threatened by other persons. The course equips employees to deal confidently with a scenario until the arrival of emergency services.

Cut Material with Handheld Chainsaw

This course will equip individuals with the all the skills and knowledge needed to operate hand-held chainsaws, as well as basic maintenance skills. The course will equip participants to use a chainsaw in a range of work environments and situations.

Respond to Fire

This course trains participants in responding quickly and efficiently to small workplace fires and related emergency situations. This course can be run as part of an induction.

Live Low-Voltage Rescue

We provide training for the performance of rescue from live low voltage apparatus. This course ensures compliance with the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017.

Safety at Heights Training

Our training provides participants with an understanding of the dangers of working at heights, and provides clear and structured training to ensure workers remain safe when performing maintenance, repair work of any other type of work at heights.

Hazardous Area Awareness

We train our participants on how to identify, manage and work safety around materials and environments that are highly flammable, combustible or toxic. This includes emergency management procedures for when something may go wrong. 

Vertical Rescue Training

We offer vertical rescue training and consultancy on major construction and energy energy production sites including wind turbines and hydro-power sites. Our previous consultancy work in this area includes partnership with the Snowy Mountains Hydro Company and tier one construction companies across Australia.

Office Safety Awareness

This course provides an efficient run through of the potential safety hazards in office environments, and trains staff in safe and healthy work practices. Topics include: avoiding falls and trip hazards, ergonomics and fire safety.

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