"The training provided by CIRCA has developed a brilliant culture of safety and care amongst our employees. We couldn't be happier with the way CIRCA has turned our company around!"
Mr Jones
Construction Manager

Asbestos Identification and Disposal Management

We train your employees know to identify and safely manage asbestos contamination on any kind of work site. Unfortunately, asbestos remains a hidden danger in many workplaces, across many industries. Protect your workers by runnings this training module with anyone on-site who might be at risk. 

Chemical Spill Response

The health and safety of our workers and those of our clients, the protection of the environment and providing quality service to our clients are central to all that we do at CIRCA Solutions. As such we have completed ISO/JAS-ANZ Accreditation in Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management systems through Global-Mark (ID 105003). This accreditation further guarantees our clients that CIRCA Solutions will meet the highest levels of customer service, safety and client satisfaction.

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