our philosophy


The health and safety of our workers, the protection of the environment and providing quality service to our clients are central to all that we do at CIRCA Solutions. We have a range of measures in place to ensure that our workers and those visiting our worksites arrive home safely every day, whilst ensuring the sustainability and minimising the environmental impacts of our operations wherever possible.

our commitment

To ensure that Our Philosophy is embedded within our day to day operations, we will:

Identify, assess and control all safety hazards and environmental aspects within the workplace.

Comply with legislative requirements including regulations, codes of practice and standards, in addition to our own policies and procedures.

Establish a range of appropriate safety, environmental and quality objectives, with progress against the objectives monitored on a regular basis.

Provide adequate resources for the implementation and management of the Integrated Management System.

Regularly consult and communicate with workers, especially throughout key decision-making processes.

Ensure the competence of all workers and provide training opportunities where required.

Implement strategies to minimise safety and environmental incidents resulting from our operations and ensure investigation and adequate corrective actions should an incident occur.

Provide effective injury management for impacted workers.

Strive for continual improvement through our review and corrective action processes.

Actively seek customer feedback on service provided to our clients.

Ensure that policy and procedures are in place to provide a consistent high-quality service that meets and exceed our customer’s expectations.

measuring our success

We know that our systems, policies and procedures will only be effective if we measure the degree of implementation and progress against our objectives and targets. Our Integrated Management Manual defines the parameters for these monitoring activities including frequency and methodology. Should it be identified that our objectives and targets are not resulting in the desired outcomes of the system, we will ensure that corrective actions are identified and implemented.

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